Saturday, March 10, 2012

Independent Book Making Club


On Wednesday, March 7th; we started Independent Book Making Club. It's not a book club but more of a club about making books independently. We believe that everyone can make book and we love publishing it independently!

In the first meeting, we discussed what kind of books we want to make. It was attended by Wid, Dimpil, Dito, Miy, Amel, Dini, Gabby, Bentar, and Erson. The book ideas were also varied, from photobooks, recipe collection, children book, memoir, twitter timeline collection, and so on. It was very fun as well as enriching. 

If you're interested in joining the club and make your own book~ contact us at @LIRshop


Photos by Dito Yuwono, taken in Lir Reading Room (new!)


dimpil said...

Horaayy,,,semoga klubnya nambah orang terutama dari kaum hawa, oye

diadiah said...

ini kumpulnya kapan yah? :)