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Lire (fr)/ to read

Lair (en)/ hideaway place

Lir was once a dream. It was built with passion and love. The idea was simple, it was meant to be a little hideaway where people can peacefully read, mingle, meet and greet, and share warm thoughts. We love to feel the air full of conversation lingering and fluttering like invisible butterflies. Thus, we decide to uninstall any hot spot internet access in order to keep it even more peaceful for everyone to have quality time with friends. Instead, we provide a reading room completed with all the food that's coming straight out of the storybooks. May it be butterbeers, Homemade Ginger Ale, Mad Hatter's Tea Party Set, or as simple as milk and biscuits. The recipe is growing and changing depends upon what fresh ingredient we get that morning.

We try to make everything as homemade as possible..so that we could put more love in it. Sometime, we even sing to our homemade yoghurt just to make it taste slightly richer. We want everyone feel like they're visiting grandma's home where everything are quaint, familiar, and the foods are not fancy yet comforting.  

We love everything that was made with care and by hands. That's why we also enjoy having craft workshops and selling handmade goodies from local crafter in our curiosity shop; side by side with the distinctive antique items selection we hand-picked.  We also gather people with same interest in some clubs, cooking classes, and events we create.

Still in the same building, we have a small-yet-busy alternative art space where young artists are freely display their work and new talents are provided with enough space for a solo exhibition and exploration. Sometime, the exhibition was a result of idea clubs we have. Other time, it was an old dream come true of the young artist. Either way, we love having them sharing their ideas of beauty to the world. 

We believe that creativity can always burst out from such an unintended moment. In a corner of an old town, through all small-clubs rose from this place; we try to be a witness of such precious moments in our life while having a sip of warm spice tea. 

Lets just say that Lir is a place where fiction and reality mingles..

Open hour : Tuesday to Sunday | 12 - 7 pm (last order)
Closed on Monday

Jl. Anggrek 1/33, Baciro