Friday, September 9, 2016

[LIR BOOK REVIEW] The Book of Forbidden Feelings


The Book of Forbidden Feelings – Lala Bohang
PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama / 2016

      "I wanted to say, ‘I would love to know your obsessions, is it landed house, gadgets, power, domestic life, succulent plants, achievements, money, work, more likes and followers, health, validation, sex, organic food, pets, perfect selfies, children, sports, religion, relationships, minimalism, perfection, muscles, urban toys, shoes, traveling, or fame?’ But nobody is prepared for that kind of question on a first date. So I said, ‘You look great.’”

       If you have known the writer personally, have ever seen her illustrations, or simpler as following her on her social media(especially Instagram, with username @lalabohang), maybe you won’t be strange with this book, and the emotions you feel when you read it.
      Yes, with her monochromatic illustration – always use the character of short-hair girl (I bet it as visualization of herself) – and the writing’s content which having a dark impress, or precisely gloomy, I’m sure you’ll be drawn into the mixed-feeling’s stream and also the things we think about the most but we talk least:
     about our existence in this world, our insecurity with everything even with ourself, our necessity which never in line with our unpreparedness in order to become adult, some failure on interpersonal relation (of course it hurts) because of nothing but our inner-complicacy. 

     and every pop-phenomenon that make us think, like, ‘Oh, dia bisa nulis gitu juga, ya, padahal kayaknya hidup dia oke-oke aja.’ ( ‘Oh, my, she can writes something like that. I thought her life was perfect.’ )

         Well, there is a writing I really love:
       Courage died everyday. When I decided to stop looking for more and started looking for nothing. I finally realized less is not always more and more is not always less. So, what to settle for? Women and men have been living side by side on earth since the beginning. Breathing the same air but always wanting different things in life. Woman want safe companionship. Men want experimental companionship. Women want all nice things in life. Men want all nice looking creatures in the world. Women want polite sex. Men want wild sex. Since then women and men always seek for intersection between their needs. Trough relationships, trough marriage, trough parenthood. “Theoretically you’re perfect. It’s just that women and men don’t have any intersection. (Page 74)

     Although in the end of the book she said that this book is not a motivational book, but I’m sure behind these 147 pages of Lala’s pouring of heart which really feels like it belonged to my bestfriend, Lala gave some short messages for reader through her perspective to sensing the world and the life itself. 
      For all the illustrations, if you are the fans of contemporary art, you will love it! And if you are confuse whether buy this book or borrow from your friend – or even merely read in the bookstore – trust me, when you put the book on your bookshelf, you will make an impression as an artsy-person to people who sees it.



     PS: I read and wrote this review on a rainy afternoon of windy September, and in the moment when I have experienced some exhausting emotions – in the romantic context . And I felt like I’d got friend  at the time.