Thursday, May 3, 2012

April Report: When Papermoon Cooks ft. Chef Huang

Idea Club: Video Robber


A young and talented video maker, Ipoenk (who goes with the name "Video Robber") is currently making a short independent film of a surreal world made of paper (as in newspaper) and a fading love story inside that world. This time in Idea Club, not only he's presenting his work-in-progress, but he is also looking for a dynamic personnel to be a part of his artistic team in making this short film. This would be a very promising opportunity to learn something new and enriching about film making as well as building artistic set in detail and teamwork. So if you're interested in joining his project, contact him via twitter: @videorobber

April Report: Clay Class with Teapot Studio


It was a busy and bright Sunday at Lir when Teapot Studio takes over our place and make this fun workshop. After a short introduction, everyone gets their hand dirty by playing with the clay and start molding the miniature version of themselves. By the end of the day, everyone seems to be quite an expert on this thing.. I mean, just look at the result of their miniature! So cute!! 

Now, let the picture do the talk! And if you missed this very fun workshop, make sure you won't miss our next clay class.. ;)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Report: Tote Em All


Tote Em All: Sebuah Pengantar Instan

Ketika Ican Harem datang kepada kami dan menawarkan sebuah ide pameran yang hanya berlangsung sehari saja, berbagai pertanyaan timbul sebagai respon ide tersebut. Kenapa hanya satu hari?  Kenapa tote bag? Seperti apa bentuk pamerannya?

April Report: Strangely Beautiful Exhibition Opening


Strangely Beautiful: Travelling Through the Eyes of a Solitary Walker

Let me give myself over entirely to the pleasure of conversing with my soul, since this is the only pleasure that men cannot take away from me
(Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

April Report: Putar Kaset Sore-Sore


When did the last time you listen to your music from cassette with a real tape player? We just did!

There is something nostalgic and romantic about cassette. There is always some story behind every record brought by each member of this club.. some anecdotes, some cliches, some tips, and mostly..old memories. We love stories! That's why we love this event. 

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April Report: BJBJ Paper Quilling Class