Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Fancy Afternoon



A friend said it was a fancy afternoon. Fancy, because it's one of the rare occasion where some of the talented actors gather and perform a short story and poetry reading. The short stories were written by mbak Naomi Srikandi and the poems were written by mas Gunawan Maryanto

The event (Membaca Sore) was started with a reading by Ozzy and Qomar, both are studio actors of Teater Garasi; followed by poem reading by mbak Ery, a senior actress of Teater Garasi and an honorable reading by the author of the poem himself, mas Gunawan Maryanto

It was such an intimate afternoon with friends, nice weathered day, and a Sunday feast! No wonder a friend calls it "a fancy afternoon". We really hope that this event can be performed regularly. 

Now, let the picture do the talk!


The Reader


The Reading


The Audiences


The Sunday Feast



Too bad some people (lots of them) came too late.. or was in a rush, so they miss the reading (and also the photo session).. ;) hope none of you miss next week's event: Sambil Menyulam Minum Air; that will surely be as fun!
But,don't worry.. we're about to open a creative writing class in our space, coached by mas Gunawan Maryanto, started at July. Make sure to contact us if you want to join the class. ;)

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kuwacikecil said...

it was a fancy afternoon , doing fancy chit chat with fancy friends, eat fancy foods at fancy place.. ;)