Thursday, January 26, 2012



It was a bright morning when we held Workshop2. Eight people attended the workshop out of ten invitations. These eight people are Dimpil, Menus from Jogja Zine Attack, Putri and Ojan of Nest of Ojanto, Kiki of Hello Bleu, HamHam and Hilman of Alphabeta Journal, and Ai from Teapot studio. Later they are expected to share their abilities to public via workshops that will be done during this year. (Yay!!) Workshop2 was rather a long workshop. Of course it was as fun. Just look at these photos below! ;)


We're so longing for their upcoming workshops.. aren't we? *wink wink*


For more of Ben Fox and Kate Fielding, you can freely join their upcoming workshop and artist talk at Kunci Cultural Studies on "Hot Glue: Living Community Arts – A Talk with Ben Fox" 
(click here for more info)

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