Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Idea of Mooi

(just like a picnic on summer days)


The idea is.. (since Lir is a bookstore) Mooi will be a restaurant where you can find food and beverages you usually find only in the book. So you might expect to find Mother Bear's Porridge from Goldilocks story; Butterbeer from Harry Potter; Homemade Ginger Ale and Picnic Sandwich of Enid Blyton's classic; some Provençal favorites from Peter Mayle's book; Pippi Long Stocking's Pancake; Afternoon Tea Set that come straight out of Alice in Wonderland story; and we celebrate weekend real hard! Every weekend there will be fondue set to share with 4-6 friends in your Sunday Brunch and some weekend-only menus.

Next week will be the soft-opening schedule of Lir shop (and Mooi resto) and June will be the grand opening (when Summer and Spring holiday* shop will be open for public too). Stay tuned! 


(Tea-party set inspired by Alice in Wonderland and Homemade Ginger Ale straight out of Enid Blyton's stories)

(Tomato Basil Pasta from Eat, Pray, and Love)

(French Toast w/ Homemade Citrus Marmalade and Apple Strudel to enjoy at the little house of the prairie)

(Chicken Divan~ my future-mother-in-law shared me her secret recipe and I style them up with tomato salad and homecut fried potato.. I prefer fresh potato than the supermarket style)

(Enjoy summer with my very own creation of Provençal Ratatouille served with Sunny Side Up Egg and expect some surprises on Fried Potato Skin! Delicious!) 

So.. what say you?

I'd say.. Mooi!


Photographed by Dito Yuwono at Lir 

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OJANTO said...

hai hai.. ayo ayo kita memulai obrolan.. :D ahihihi :D

sepertinya kalau play your magic hands di sana seru! :D