Wednesday, February 10, 2016


(a valentine's day celebration)

14 Februari 2016 | 10.00 -17.00

Jl.Anggrek 1/33 
Baciro - Yogyakarta


For the love of books, coffee, and all things nice; we are inviting you to our Valentine's day celebration with these activity lineups:

"Blind Date with a Book"
we dare you to take a blind date with a book. Some say that you should not judge a book by its cover.. so, you won't! The books are neatly brown-paper packed, with only a pick-up line written on it. If you are convinced to take a blind date with the book, you can bring it home for 25k each. Bonus point if you write a review about it and send them to Lir, we'll treat you with a free coffee on your next visit!| 25k - cash only

"Book Sale: Children and Secondhand Books"
Whether you are looking for a little something for a friend, the loved ones, or yourself; we offer a diverse range of second hand books in affordable price. Here you can find children books, philosophy, literature, and many more! | <100k - cash only

While you do the shopping, let us take a good care of your children and read them a nice book. The reading is scheduled at 12.00 but you can also ask us for extra reading time during the whole event. | free

"Coffee Matchmaking"
What's better than a cup of good coffee? A perfect cup of coffee to match your personality, that is! Spend few minutes’ conversation with our coffee matchmaker to  help you meet the perfect coffee to match your lifestyle, interest, and personality. Maybe, you will find the one! | 15k - cash only

"Instant Poetry and Fast Drawing by Sanjonas"
Wordplay and drawing to swept her off her feet! (or him) Get them neatly typewritten and personalized especially for you. | 10k or book donation  

"Natural Skincare and Products by Kinanthi Soap"
We will be selling handmade soap, skincare, aromatherapy products, and laundry soap made from scratch using the finest natural ingredients. Its environmental friendly and it will do your skin some favors. | 20k to 50k - cash only

"Lemonade and chocolate stand" 
Refresh yourself with cold freshly squeezed lemonade and chocolate stand. Other than that, Lir's resto is also open if you are feeling like eating something a little bit heavier with more choice. | 10k to 20k - cash only

"For the Little One" 
Get your little one a comfortable t-shirt or get yourself a matching t-shirt with the little loved ones at Summer and Spring Kid's booth. | <100k - cash only

"Preloved and Handmade Goods" 
One man's trash is another man's treasure. Dig in our treasure chest of preloved goods and handmade stuffs made with love by the Lir's girls. You can find cloths, shoes, home decors, gifts, curiosities, and the most fun of all: the pretty little things that you don't need. | <100k - cash only

"Dating Material" 
Our team is now curating special music playlist and movie-list for your dating purpose. Whether you are going for a long ride to the seaside with your friend, staying in on a rainy day with the loved one, or wanting to woo your date with your classic movie-list; we have them all for you! All you need is a space in your usb and something to barter with the dating material: a poetry you just wrote, flowers, love stories, short conversations, references, knowledge, or small nice things and trinkets. | free - barter only 

..and many more!


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