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The Big Family of Lir

Let me introduce you to all the folk of Lir Shop and Lir Space!


The Owner

Mira Asriningtyas is the owner of Lir Shop. She usually call it her 'baby'. She is the proud mother of baby Lir. It was her long old dream to own such space with mini bookstore, curiosity shop, art space and anything-homemade resto. You can 'meet' her in her blog "The Picnic Girl".


Dito and Ila
Dito is Mira's partner. He is assisting Mira in running the art space as well as being the program director of Lir. So if you want to make an event or want to exhibit your work, feel free to contact him. Aside from that, he is a photographer, a writer, he makes magazine ( and you can find more about him in his web: 

Ila (Mirla) is Mira's youngest sister who regularly help assisting in financial report and workshops held in Lir. She is a very sweet young lady, a passionate knitter, and she's enrolling collage this year. Their other sister, Mirna, sometime helps in Lir during summer break. Some of you might be familiar with this trio..Mira, Mirna, Mirla who used to open Milky Moo  milkshop in 2008-2011 and Cups Little Cafe in 2008-2010. 

So by now, I bet you all can see how Lir is actually one big family, right? ;)


The Team

Gabby is the new supervisor at Lir Shop. She helps assisting Mira in part timer scheduling, making events, planning, and many more. She loves to go to artist talk, art and culture discussion, enjoy reading and writing. She recently graduates from the university taking the communication study and currently looking for a full-time job as a journalist. We are sure that she'll be great in that field. Visit her blog, here.


Bisma is the newest member of Lir Shop's team. He is very passionate about cooking and dreams of being a chef. He is well known at Lir as the guy who loves to wear bear-patterned apron at work. Most of the customers find him attractively cute. Currently, he's studying at UGM taking communication study and rumor has it that he's quite a well-known guy.. hmm.. visit his blog, here.


Dhea is a cheerful young lady who loves fashion and anything vintage. She is currently studying at USD taking English. To some Lir's customers (especially the boys), she is well known as the cute girl who makes delicious tea. Aside from being a part-timer at Lir, she owns an online vintage boutique, Grandma's Closet. Visit her tumblr, here.


Yes, Pinky is her real name. She is actually as sweet as that. She is a true hipster by heart, enjoy going to a gig, loves playing with plastic camera, and she has traveled far to study at the Middle East and Australia before going back to Jogja to pursue her degree here. She is especially humble and sensible, as well as childishly adorable every now and then. Read her blog, here.


Often mistaken as a little boy, Dimpil is actually a fresh graduate from History faculty of Gajah Mada University. He is the assistant of Dito in Lir Space. He is very skillful and he loves making quirky little projects and craft. A true Javanese boy at heart, he publish a series of Javanese gimmick in his blog under the hashtag  #Cangkem. Visit his blog, here.


The Photoshoot

The Girls at Summer and Spring
(Pinky, Ila, Mira, Gabby, and Dini-- Dini is an occasional Lir's team, she's part of our big family and she makes the coolest independent zine which she makes alone, called: Spark)


The Space Boys
(Dito, Wid, Dimpil, and Bisma-- Wid is also an occasional team of Lir Space and he's also a part of Lir's big family. He takes great photos and publish it here | in this photo, all the boys are posing "The Wid Pose") 


The Girls at Lir Curiosity Shop

..and the boys doing the crazy pose..

..and the girls at the reading room..

..the team in daily outfits..

..and jumping freely..


Before that, Lir shop was..

Julia Tetuko, Mirla, mas Agus and mas Kasno

..and also: Intan!


Lir now..

Bisma, Dhea, Mirla, Mira, Gabby, Pinky, Dimpil (not in the picture) and Dito


Photographed by Dito, Wid and Mira


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