Thursday, December 1, 2011

"celebrating dream" : Huff #4 Launching and Preview

After a long process of making Huff #4 and catching some dreams, it's finally done! 

"celebrating dream" is a small celebration of Huff #4 launching in a friendly Sunday brunch events. The event will be held at Lir Shop, Sunday (December 4th, 2011) 10am till off. There will be a preview of the content, the printed edition, review of previous editions, and meet the people behind the magazine. Bring a flashdisk and you can get free soft-copy of the magazine. 


What to expect in this edition?

Feature: Three bloggers and their dream projects
- Anna of "Much Love, Anna" >> Afternoon by the Sea (photo)
- Sundea of "Salamatahari" >> Trip to the Ice Dream Bar (photo and story)
- Miy of "The Picnic Girl" >> The Dream Collector (collage)

Erudition: Confession of a Newly Wed by Riskie Nurindiani 

Interview: What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?
- Leslie Paramitha 
- Alia Swastika
- Yustina Neni

Two Sides of the Story: In the Woods
Side A: written by Risky Summerbee
Side B: written by The Picnic Girl

Welcome to the Toyland: Ria Papermoon's Toy Collection

Dreamy movies for a Lazy Rainy Day

and more!


More about Huff Magazine:

More about people behind Huff Magazine: click here

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